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The Newly elected Mayor of Marion is . . .

Yes, the Official Election Results are in for the Town of Marion, Mississippi election.

Help us in welcoming our new leadership for the Town of Marion - Congratulations to the Mayor Elect and the Board of Aldermen.


Larry Gill

Board of Aldermen: Barbara Anthony Lou Ann Baylor Stacy McInnis Blalock Norman Coleman Tammy Young


“We’re going to listen to our personnel and make sure that we’re doing everything we can to make Marion as innovative as possible.” Gill said, “My first few months in office, I want to make sure that we learn. That is the biggest piece of it. We are going to learn and listen to people. We’re going to try to make the best decisions for Marion over the next few weeks.”

Gill says his win would not be possible without God, his family and supporters.

(Source: WTOK-TV)

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